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Application of chemistry in our real life

Chemistry in real life
We are using chemistry in our daily life, for example when we use soap, tooth paste, salt an many other chemicals. There fore Chemistry is important in our daily life because we need medicine for our selves, our animals and for agriculture activities, all these are made through chemistry and its related subjects. It is difficult to live nowadays without chemistry, as their are wide varieties of carriers which need chemistry. These include:

A)Engineering; engineers need chemistry to do their jobs well.

B)Medicine and nursing, to make medicine yo need to have knowledge of chemical used to make a certain medicine, and to do this yo need to have a knowledge of chemistry.

C)Geology, geologist need chemistry to understand different elements and mineral with their characteristics.

D)Agriculture, we need chemistry for example in making fertilizers and medicines to kill bacteria and virus I agriculture industry.

The importance of studying chemistry is not limited only on looking on carriers opportunities but also in developing world. We need chemistry to establish different industries like chemical industries which are turning natural resources into useful substances.